Danita C. Doleman

Managing Principal at SEAS Community Partners

About Me

Danita C. Doleman, a businesswoman from Washington, DC, with over 20 years of experience. Ms. Doleman has aided numerous nonprofit organizations, commercial organizations, government agencies, and small business owners in their efforts to integrate computer technology into business practices and develop sound business strategies that result in streamlined operations and increased profit throughout her career.

Danita Doleman is the Managing Principal of SEAS Community Partners, LLC, a consulting management organization that specializes in mobile and web-based business solutions, as well as tactical grant and proposal writing to assist businesses in obtaining crucial financing and new contracts.
Danita C. Doleman’s bio

Ms. Doleman understands that corporate success does not come by accident. In reality, she has seen countless small to medium-sized firms fail as a result of bad internal management or client or project mishandling.

Danita Doleman’s current role at SEAS Community Partners allows her to advise executive and management-level entities in various market sectors on how to advance their business strategies and implement project planning with the goal of delivering quality results that meet stakeholders’ or clients’ expectations.

Danita Doleman’s expertise in both computer technology and business management has equipped her to assist enterprises and organizations in advancing into new territories, services, contracts, or product lines by utilizing emerging technologies and strong business practices.http://danitadoleman.com

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